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  • By plain

Parma has its own airport for domestic flights. The closest international airports are Milano Malpensa, Milano Linate, Bologna and Verona.

By train

Travel-time from Bologna station is about 1 hour.
Travel-time from Milano Centrale is about 1 and a half hours.
From Verona, you have to go to Bologna first.
Types of trains available in Italy:
  1. ES (EuroStar) fast train, expensive but comfortable;
  2. ICplus (InterCityplus), IC (InterCity), cheaper than the EuroStar but slower;
  3. IR (Inter-regionali) are local trains for commuting.

Before buying a ticket, state the type of train you want to use. To travel on ES and ICplus trains you need to have a reserved seat. You can reserve the seat and pay for the ticket at the station ticket office or on the internet at http://www.ferroviedellostato.it. You may then collect the ticket on the train (thicketless option). Self service option allows you to use the automatic ticket machines at the railway stations. Remember also to stamp your ticket (InterCity, Espresso, Interegional and Regional) in the yellow machine before getting on train.

By car

To reach Parma by car you can take the motorway (tollway) Autostrada del Sole (A1) from Milano direction “Bologna”, or from Bologna direction “Milano”.
The A1 is connected by motorways to the other cities of Northern Italy.

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