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Various hotels are listed below. They are all downtown, quite close to the train station. 



Name Class Price in Euros

    S1 US2 D3
Hotel Verdi www.hotelverdi.it **** - 125.00 145.00
Palace Hotel Maria Luigia www.palacemarialuigia.com **** 107.00 137.00 167.00
Park Hotel Stendhal www.hotelstendhal.it **** 89.00 119.00 155.00
Starhotel Du Parc www.starhotels.com **** 108.00 115.00 129.00 Sup. 115.00 129.00 Sup.
Hotel Button www.button.it *** 81.00 94.00 115.00
Hotel Savoy www.savoyparma.it *** - 90.00 130.00
Hotel Torino www.hotel-torino.it *** 78.00 85.00 110.00

Residenza Cavestro www.er-go.it/index.php?id=3658  

- 25.00 - 30.00
  1 Single-room; 2 Double-room/1 person; 3 Double-room/2 persons


When you make the reservation, please include the following "Università di Parma - Workshop MBC09" in your e-mail.
This will allow you to have access to the special prices listed above which refer to single overnight stay with breakfast included. 
Shuttle service
Shuttle from downtown Parma to the University Campus
Stops and scheduled time
(1)   7:20    Hotel Verdi,  in front of the hotel, on the other side of the street.
(2)   7:25    Starhotel du Parc,  in front of the hotel.
(3)   7:35    Barriera Garibaldi,  at the stop of ordinary buses n° 1,2, etc. near the newspaper kiosk   (located nearby Palace Hotel Maria Luigia, Hotel Savoy)
(4)   7:40    Teatro Regio,  on the other side of the theatre (nearby Hotel Stendhal, Hotel Torino, Hotel Button)
(5)   7:45    P.le Bertozzi, on the other side of the street with respect to the church (nearby Residenza Cavestro).
Click here to download the map with the hotels location and bus route. 





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