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Abstract Deadline:
April 15, 2009, 6:00 p.m. Rome Standard Time

Abstract Submission Policies:  No restrictions to the number of abstracts for oral and poster presentation are foreseen.

File Size Restriction:  Abstract files cannot be larger than 1 MB. If you attempt to submit a larger file, you will receive an error message, and your attempted submission will be rejected by the system.

General Instructions:
Abstracts are limited to two pages, and must be submitted in PDF or Word format.

Note:  Abstract files must include the title, authors, and affiliations, as shown in the templates. This information will mot be extracted from the electronic submission form.

Download the template (available monday 19 January 2009) Using the format provided in the template, prepare your abstract for submission. You are responsible for the formatting and appearance of your abstract. Figures and tables must be placed in the file and therefore must be in digital format. We recommend that you use image file formats that provide acceptable resolution without being huge. Please read the note above regarding file size restrictions.

Paper Size:
If you normally use A4 paper, you should set up your source file so that the resulting submitted abstract is formatted for A4 format size (210 x 297 mm).

Set the option in your Acrobat software to embed all fonts in the PDF file. 

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